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Project Promise

Bringing hope to homeless children.

Over 48% of Georgia’s homeless are employed and working jobs for poverty wages.

More than 59,000 of Georgia’s children experience homelessness each year.

With more than 500,000 children living in poverty in our state, nearly twelve of every one hundred children are homeless.

Solutions to child and family homelessness are a core value and priority of Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness. Thus comes the design and development of “Project Promise”. We often take for granted the “little extras” that we are able to offer our children  – summer camp, a music instrument, career explorations, talent lessons, extracurricular activities, etc. simply do not exist. GAEH’s Project Promise is hoping to change this reality for hundreds of children across Georgia.  With your help we can give today’s homeless youth opportunities they will cherish for a lifetime.   By donating on the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness website or calling at (770) 575-5785, you can make a contribution that will change the life of a homeless child.