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The QESST Vision Statement
A systems change philosophy is encouraging an emphasis on accountability that is requiring Organizations to redirect resources to build capacity that meets the individualized needs of under-served individuals within communities. The emergency assistance services and prevention organizations are required to demonstrate efficient and effective use of personnel and donated funds while documenting the positive outcomes to assure funding levels remain at best…consistent. Contributors seek assurance that their dollars are directly resulting in the efficient and effective delivery of services in a relevant methodology that meets the existing needs.

In response to these challenges and concerns, the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness has developed an Accreditation process for organizations offering services to Under-served Individuals.

The following are some of the benefits of the GAEH Quality Enhancement Standards Support Training (QESST) Accreditation…

Benefits to the Under-served Individual:

  • Continuing improvement in service provision
  • A right to be heard in the individual surveys
  • Improved dignity, respect and safety
  • Improved opportunity for becoming self-sufficient
  • Enhanced programs that meet their individual needs

Benefits to the Community:

  • More efficient and effective services
  • Services that are responsive to community needs
  • Demonstrated accountability to contributors

Benefits to the Participating Organization:

  • A better and shared understanding of what the organization expects to achieve
  • A validation of goals and objectives that are based on existing community needs
  • A better understanding of the specific roles of the board, staff, and volunteers
  • A stronger organization with responsive services and support
  • The opportunity for greater community recognition
  • Increased financial support
  • Demonstrated Risk Management Commitment

Benefits to the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness:

  • Accountability to the public for efforts made to achieve its goal of ensuring that underserved individuals are given the best opportunity to succeed through quality service provision
  • Ability to demonstrate outcomes in program efficiency and effectiveness to its contributors and to its underserved members

Organizational Commitment
The Accreditation process is voluntary. Participating organizations are required to complete the process as follows:
• Participation in an Orientation;
• Completion of the self-assessment tool;
• Participatory site visit; and
• GAEH facilitated client survey or focus group.
The Quality Enhancement Standards and Support Training (QESST) Team has agreed to a strict code of ethics and will sign a statement of confidentiality to protect participating organization and the organization’s participants.
The Fee for QESST Accreditation is based upon the applicant’s organizational budget and includes at least four hours technical assistance from the Alliance. On occasion Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness may be able to help secure a partial scholarship for smaller organizations committed to completing the process.

The QESST Program seeks to:

  • Enable organizations to enhance services to homeless individuals, with the intent of eliminating or reducing the time that people experience homelessness.
  • Enable the Georgia Alliance to End Homelessness to better facilitate it’s purpose of enhancing services based upon the changing needs of the homeless population, ensuring that these needs are met effectively and efficiently.
  • Determine that these standards are in line with nationally accepted best practices.
  • Identify and employ a methodology that recognizes strengths and weaknesses within organizations and make recommendations accordingly.


Want to Learn More?
Organizations that would like to receive additional information or inquire about the next QESST Orientation, contact GAEH Office at 770/575-5785,